Challenge Accepted

So about a year and one month ago my husband and I made the 1,700 mile journey from Bethesda, Maryland to Boulder, Colorado.  Having lived in Maryland for 13 years of my life, a major feat for any military brat, I had come to love and embrace all things preppy.  While the DC area gave me culture, style, incredible friends, a loving husband, and not to mention a place to call home, I knew it was time to leave.  Maybe it’s the meandering spirit in me, the need to travel and experience something new, but my husband and I both knew this was the time for change.  That is why, two weeks after tying the knot, we packed up our beautiful home, wished our family and friends a fond farewell, and found ourselves on highway 70 travelling west.  No really… one road… the whole time… We crossed into Pennsylvania early the morning of July 9, 2011, then continued through Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, and stopped for the night on the Kansas border of Kansas City.  Missouri boasted some incredible sunsets, and it was hard to believe that by the end of one day, we could already be halfway across the country.  It was that evening we discovered a little-known fact: Panera Bread Company actually started as the St. Louis Bread Company.  Who knew?

We woke early the next morning and traversed through the dreaded bore that was western Kansas.  Sorry for those who love Kansas, but we were given a very serious warning: “Be careful not to fall asleep.  You may hit something in an hour.”  I think that’s all the image you need, but to satisfy your curiousity, I have provided a perfect example of what western Kansas looks like.  Literally the entire state, besides Kansas City.  Needless to say, we were extremely thrilled once we crossed into Colorado, until we realized it was still another 2 hours until we would get to Denver.  And by the way, I am not a Kansas hater.  Most of eastern Colorado looks the same way.    Imagine my despair!  But by about 2pm on July 10, 2011, we were officially done with our journey, and mountains were in full view.

It was definitiely a sign that we had made the right decision, because on our first night, Colorado graced us with a magnificent double rainbow.  Not one, but TWO beautiful beams of radiance.  So Mr. Destiny, I am paying attention.

And yes, we could have stopped along the way to sight-see and tour, but really, isn’t moving stressful enough?  Why add seeing the world’s largest pecan to an already long day?  I kid you not.  It can be found in Brunswick, Missouri.

So now here we are, a year later, happily settled, and mostly adjusted.  Although my pearls don’t make frequent appearances, Colorado will never change the prep in me.  My new challenge is finding that perfect integration of mountain causal (which should be a style classification all its own) and perfectly prep.  It’s a challenge I eargerly accept!

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