New Year, New Goals, New Me!

Where did January go? Do you ever feel like the holidays come and go quicker than you can say, “Happy Holidays!” It’s funny that as a child it’s this magical season, full of light and excitement, routine and chaos. As I have grown older, I still strive to see the holidays through the eyes of my childhood self. But that notion grows increasingly more difficult. Instead, I feel overcome by stress, worry, the need to please, and a little too much dessert. By the time January hits, you’re praying for the new year and a new outlook.
Here I find myself in 2014, really examining what’s most important, and what I can do to make myself better. I like to say that I don’t believe in “New Year’s Resolutions” simply because they sound so final. As a human being, we are prone to change, and to altering our course when necessary. I’d prefer to see these resolutions as goals. Goals sound more attainable, and something you should always incorporate into your life, rather than aspirations we hold to be finite, until we fall off the wagon three months in. Don’t get me wrong, I say all the more power to those holding true to resolutions. I just know myself, and what makes sense for me.
For 2014, I decided to make a list of these goals, just to see where I could go with them. Some are my own. Others are spurred by the wishes of friends and family that I happily adopted. This list (can you tell I like lists?) will be ever-changing, just as I am. But for now, here are some aspirations that keep me going, growing, and succeeding!
1. This goal came from my friend Ade, and although it’s not always a problem, I do think it is something worth considering: I want to stop cursing. I don’t curse like a sailor, and in fact, I don’t curse very often. But when I do, it leaves a bad taste in my mouth and I feel self-conscious of it. So in moving forward, I would like to stop. I don’t even want to curse in my thoughts, which may be even harder to do. So here goes!
2. Oh wine… oh cocktails… being an adult can be so much fun. While I would never call myself an alcoholic, or even a lush, there are some days when picturing a nice glass of wine just gets you through the afternoon. During the week, however, my goal is to cut back. The weekends are a time of relaxation, and typically provide more hours for sleep. Perfect for a little cocktail! So my goal is to abstain during the week, but thoughtfully enjoy my delightful concoction come the weekend.
3. I want to be a better friend, sister, daughter, and wife. This is always a goal, and it’s always something I want to strive for. In order to be the best version of myself, I need to emulate that with others. To alter this goal this year, I want to try to see myself through the eyes of others. Then I feel I will truly be able to be as good as I can be for those whom I surround myself.
4. Health and fitness have become a huge piece of my life within the past few years. It’s infectious in Colorado. If you aren’t running, biking or hiking when the weather is 50 degrees or warmer, then there’s something direly wrong, or you’ve come down with the flu. Thankfully I have amazing motivation in the form of my husband, friends and family. I will be running my first half marathon at the end of next month in Disney World with my best friend. My husband and I are training together for our second shot at the BolderBoulder 10K in May, in which two of our amazing friends will be joining us (check out The Bake N’ Burn Bombshell, she’s amazing!). I will be reunited with my favorite ladies in April for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon, and I simply cannot wait to share this memory with them. On top of weekly workouts and weekend runs, the hubs and I began planning out all of our meals on a weekly basis, and have definitely increased our trips to Whole Foods. Having meals that we can accomplish, and using great ingredients to do it is such an amazing feeling. Of course we splurge every now and then (we do live in a very foody town), but knowing what you’re eating and being conscientious of what is going in your body makes a huge difference overall.
5. As an English major, the summertime was my reprieve from reading. I got to a point where the idea of picking up a book sounded awful. Now, however, all I want to do is cuddle with the pup and read a good book. I recently started reading “The Sharper Your Knife, The Less You Cry,” by Kathleen Flinn, and she is a woman who truly followed her dreams, set meaningful goals, and accomplished them, despite hurdles along the way. It’s amazing what a good book can do to change your perspective. So here’s to you Kathleen: you wanted to conquer Le Cordon Bleu, the world’s most famous cooking school, and I want to read more books!
6. I want to travel. There’s no ifs ands or buts about it. This past year was tough, between moving, commuting a 100 miles a day, and finding a new job, there wasn’t any time. The only travel we did was for weddings (which were still pretty fantastic) or for work. And there can be quite a difference in traveling for necessity versus traveling for yourself. This year we already have two trips planned, one to the British Isles, and another locally. But in order to feel more balanced, I know that I need that occasional getaway, even if just for a long weekend.
7. Cooking is something I enjoy, and I would say I am a decent cook. But I know that I need to expand my horizons. Week nights are tough. Most couples and families have two working adults, and other weeknight obligations (not to mention traffic and commuting), which make cooking actual meals quite a challenge. My husband and I made the goal to try one new recipe for dinner at least every other week. This gives us a chance to increase our culinary repertoire, but becomes more manageable for our busy lifestyle. Thus far it’s been a success. Tonight we have homemade tomato basil soup and fancy grilled cheese sandwiches on the menu (I never said they were difficult recipes…). Mmmmm… I think my tummy’s growling.
8. I want to drink more water. Hydration is key at higher altitudes, and some days I think I go towards coffee, tea, and juices more so than water. With increased physical activity, and for the incredible effects of hydration on skin, hair, performance, and overall health, I absolutely must drink more of it. So raise your glass of deliciously cool H2O and feel all the more better for doing so.
9. So mornings can sometimes be a challenge for me. I love the morning and the prospect of starting a new day, but I also like to take my time. One big goal for this year is to give myself more time in the mornings, and be timelier in arriving to work. If it means I end the day 30 minutes earlier, so be it.
10. On that same note, I want to be a better commuter. Granted I travel 11 miles to get to work, but that can span anywhere from 25-45 minutes. I need to be more patient with other drivers, and understand that most Colorado drivers are horrific. It’s sad but true. I thought Northern Virginia was bad, but I was so wrong. I digress: be a better driver.
11. Some may call me OCD. I have said that of myself many times. But recently I have been a little lax on the organization (in my own opinion). I want to reboot my organizational skills and be more intentional about putting things away and keeping up with clutter. It’s easy to be bogged down by the unnecessary. I think a clean home, and workplace, is a mind at ease. So why not take an extra five minutes to tidy up what will save you a headache later on?

And finally…

12.  Blog more!  I love writing.  I love sharing experiences.  I love reflecting on life and what I learn along the way. Needless to say, I need to translate these passions into this perfect encapsulating art form.  So here’s to more blogging!
I could go on and on with goals that I have, with some having more weight and meaning than others. Many of my goals are personal, not work related, but I think they transfer into every facet of my life. I participated in a Wellness in the Workplace course last month, and the Circle of Wellness or Wellness Wheel truly illustrates that balance is dependent upon giving weight to those areas that are most meaningful, but not ignoring other facets of your life. It’s been an inspiration for me as I make and attain (or retain) these goals. Here’s to another year, and another chance to improve and grow!

6 thoughts on “New Year, New Goals, New Me!

  1. These are great goals! I disagree with your cursing, but I can get on board with the rest. I especially like your fitness goals, reading and more organization. (I miss the days when you would come over and organize my closet)
    Looking forward to both the Bolder Boulder and Nike Half! It’s going to be a blast!

  2. Amy! As you know, I’m extremely goal oriented. I’ve found over the years that making TWO sets of goals works best for me. The first one is a large, sometimes vague list of things I want to accomplish over the year. The second list is a monthly list — I take those big, over-arching goals and break them down into much more specific, bite-sized pieces. Sitting down at the end/beginning of each month to re-write though goals allows me to evaluate how the month went and allows me to further hone or extend the goal! (Ex: I said I was going to do one dinner out a week, max, in order to save money, but it looks like money is actually going more towards happy hours. For February the goal might be, one happy hour a week, or have people to my apartment for drinks. OR Yay, I completed the goal of getting back in the gym 3 days a week, now I’m going to try to add a fourth day.) Plus, when I sit down monthly to write my goals out I have an excuse to whip out all my fancy stationary and pens ;). Just an idea!! Good luck, dear!

    1. I love that idea. Just like people, goals are ever changing and adapting to what life brings. It’s such a good idea to reassess as we go along. And it’s so important to never feel badly about altering a goal when the need arises. Ultimately it should be about balancing all the important aspects of your life in order to be who you want to be. Thanks so much Becca! Your perspective is amazing!

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