My Obligatory Superbowl Post – Go Broncos!

I live in Denver.  This is my obligatory Superbowl Post.  Go Broncos!


Okay, really.  It’s pretty exciting living in a city with a football team headed to the Superbowl.  Everything has been a little bit electric this week, almost surreal.  It’s like Christmas for football fans, but this time you really don’t know if Santa is bringing you what you asked for: a big fat Superbowl victory.  Ironically last year my good friend from Baltimore came to visit us in Boulder during Superbowl weekend.  What a weekend NOT to be in Baltimore (granted, I always try to avoid being in Baltimore, but that’s because I value my life).  This is also the first year since my husband and I have lived together that we will not be having a Superbowl party.  Which is so bizarre because it would be the perfect year to host one.  Oh well.  This way I can laugh at all the commercials I want to without worrying about my sad sense of humor.


"United in Orange" and "Time to Ride" banners fly high over Larimer Square.
“United in Orange” and “Time to Ride” banners fly high over Larimer Square.

So here’s to you, Broncos.  Let’s win it, and win it big.  Or at least don’t lose big.  #Unitedinorange

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