A Love Letter to Denver

Well that was rough.  Not exactly how I pictured the Superbowl going for our beloved Broncos.  I very rarely watch football with any attentiveness, but yesterday was a bit like an awful traffic accident.  I couldn’t look away, no matter how horrified I was.  Thankfully, after decompressing with some coworkers this morning, I received a profound bit of perspective.  This season, regardless of how it ended, was a phenomenal season.  The Broncos played some amazing football, accumulated a record number of points, and for the most part, had some really outstanding victories.  They also played like a true team, under superb leadership, and remained humble.  This was a great year to care about football, and a great year for Denver as a city.

I am always amazed at the uniting force that sports can have on a city.  The hubs and I decided to do all of our weekend errands on Saturday, knowing that leaving the house on Sunday would very likely be a challenge.  Everywhere we went people we dressed in Broncos attire, smiling and waving with a cheer of “Go Broncos!”  What a great sensation to be united under one team, one goal.  Everyone shared this amazing sense of pride and accomplishment.  Despite the loss that ensued, that pride continues.  We may not have had a victorious team, but Denver is all the more proud for having a great season and a team worth rooting for.

I feel so blessed to be part of city, well an entire front range region really, that is so incredibly welcoming.  After having lived in Washington D.C. and the metro area, I got used to keeping my head down and not making eye contact.  I shied away from talking with people on the metro, in airports, at checkout counters simply because that isn’t what you do.  They could be crazy.  You are on a mission.  The world was so fast-paced and single-minded, that I grew to assume this was the way of the world.  Readjusting to normalcy took some time after moving to Colorado.  People smile, say hello, wave, and give a good holler, “Go Broncos!”  It’s unifying in a way that just makes you smile inside.  How refreshing.

Denver is a small city, so it’s easy to feel connected and interwoven.  Washington D.C. draws you in, but in a way that still feels somewhat isolating.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved living there.  Being a part of daily history and happenings is an unreal experience.  To be so involved in your nation, and so globally connected all at once gives you amazing perspective.  I deeply miss the National Mall, the museums and galleries, the international surroundings, the mix of nature and urban, and being at the heartbeat of America.  But in Denver, I feel more connected with American people and landscape.  It’s like building a quilt: it takes all pieces coming together to be whole.

The Flatirons in all their glory at Chautauqua in Boulder, CO.
The Flatirons in all their glory at Chautauqua in Boulder, CO.
Mountainous views from my neighborhood south of Denver.

For being a small western city, Denver is a hub.  It’s actually hard to find a “Colorado Native,” as they so proudly call themselves.  Thankfully I married one, so I have an “in.”  This city is a cross-cultural phenomenon.  People come from all over the United States to be able to live the Colorado lifestyle.  Here I have found balance: balance with myself, with nature, with my relationships, with work, all of it.  Living here is better than the best yoga class you’ll ever go to, or so I’d imagine.  It’s still hard being away from a culture I know so well, and a lifestyle I know how to live, but every day holds a new discovery and experience, and I continually fall more in love with where I live.  Although I’d really like a snow day… seriously though, driving on ice isn’t safe for the best of drivers.

View of Denver and the mountains from CU Denver!  Gorgeous!
View of Denver and the mountains from CU Denver! Gorgeous!

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