The Adventures Ahead

It’s been a little while since my last post, and while I am still riding on the high of Disney, I’ve really been recovering from a bad stomach flu.  Needless to say, I traded in my sparkly tiara for a porcelain throne.  I am finally feeling better and am ready to focus on the adventures ahead.  Traveling is such a huge part of my life, and I know I am a member of the Millennial generation when I say I need to have balance in work, home, and adventure.  The past week has had me thinking about the coming year and what I can do with the time I have.  I really want to focus more on running this spring, and have scheduled a race per month between February and May, with another half marathon on the horizon in November.  I also want to take some time to spend with the hubby.  We are planning a trip to the United Kingdom in September and a few other smaller trips this summer.  Any time I can incorporate multiple passions into one experience, it’s just too hard to pass up!

Yeah, Disney may ruin all other race experiences, but oh well!
Yeah, Disney may ruin all other race experiences, but oh well!

After completing the Disney Princess Half Marathon, I have quickly realized how people get hooked.  Granted, a Disney race is quite an experience in and of itself.  You not only have the anticipation of a great, memorable run, but you get to lose yourself in the magic, precision, and thoughtful nature of all things Disney.  As my dear friend and fellow blogger, Samantha (Bake ‘N’ Burn Bombshell) put it, it’s the perfect “race-cation.”  I think I am in love with this term.  It was more than a race, but rather an adventure – one I can only hope to relive.  With that in mind, Samantha mentioned the Walt Disney World Wine and Dine Half Marathon (which is SOLD OUT!).  This event takes place in conjunction with the Food and Wine Festival in Epcot, a weekend in which I have always wanted to partake.  As an adult, the joys of Epcot continue to grow, and top it off with some food and wine and I am a happy gal.  It truly is an adult’s playground, where you still feel like you’re in Disney but it’s a little more sophisticated, particularly the World Showcase. Personally I think it’s also the best way to see some of my favorite Disney characters: Belle is in France, Jasmin in Morocco, Elsa and Anna in Norway, Mulan in China, and Alice in England!  It’s genius!  Furthermore, I have had the opportunity to drink around the world (a phenomenal feat) and there are few places where you can do so with such class.

This month I decided it was time to get a good QT on my own, so I signed up for a local race: Lucky Laces 10K.  It takes place the Saturday before St. Patrick’s Day and looks like one great big party.  There will be bands, beer, and delicious food, not to mention a hoard of people dressed in green running gear.  The more obnoxious the better, I assume.  I have already located my knee-high green, yellow and grey argyle socks for the occasion.  I have to admit, I may be doing this one partly for the after party and the ability to get a medal (I am absolutely a Millennial), but I also wanted to see how I could do on my own.  Other than a small 5K event, I haven’t run a race by myself.  It’ll be a good opportunity to see how I perform individually in a race environment.

Beer and running seems to be a brilliant combination.
So I may be really excited about the swag… and the medal…

The following month I head to Washington D.C. for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon (another race-cation for me!), and will be running with my three favorite ladies.  This will be the first time we have all run together.  We’ve each run with one another, but never all at once.  Although we became friends in college, we never all shared a passion for running at that time.  It wasn’t until now that we have had the opportunity, and I am beyond thrilled.  To say we are coordinating outfits would be an understatement.  There will be a shirt, and brightly colored accessories.  It will be amazing.  I am also thrilled for the chance to be able to run through some of the prettiest parts of D.C.  Because I didn’t really start running until last year, I never had the chance to appreciate the city through the eyes of a runner.  And after reading some of the Bake ‘N’ Burn Bombshell’s posts about incredible trails around the city, I wish I could turn back time!

Finally in May, as I have blabbed about before, Samantha and her hubby will be joining us in Colorado for the BOLDERBoulder 10K (voted the best 10K by Runner’s World, and I believe it!).  My running “career” will have come full circle, and it’ll be such a delight to share a piece of my new home with friends from my old home.  Also in May I will be taking a work trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and plan to do as much exploring as possible around the work day.  This will most likely include some hiking and running and taking in the natural beauty.  I’ve heard rumor that a hike through the Grand Tetons may be in our future…

The Grand Tetons are on my hiking bucket list!
The Grand Tetons are on my hiking bucket list!


To say the next few months are going to be a whirlwind of adventure would truly be an understatement.  I may be exhausted come June, but it’s these things that keep me motivated and move me onward and upward.  I feel energized just thinking about what new experiences I can have, what new places I can discover, which new race I can run, and collect memories all along the way.  Isn’t that what makes life worth living?

What adventures do you have planned?  Are you doing any race-cations?  Do you prefer running by yourself or with others?  Are there any races you’re most excited about?  Where are your travels taking you this year?

One thought on “The Adventures Ahead

  1. Thanks for the love girlie! I am soooo excited that I get to see you so much this year. Nike is going to be fantastic, BOLDERBolder may kill me, and Wine & Dine will be absolutely delightful! See you in 7 weeks! As far as not running sooner… you may have been late to the party but we’re all just glad you’re here! 🙂 Besides you’re the fastest one!!

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