Lucky Laces Cheer and Beer

Tomorrow morning I will be running the Lucky Laces 10K in Denver’s City Park.  I’ve been wanting to do a longer local race in Denver.  I’ve really only participated in Denver 5K’s up until this point, and although fun and easy, you never get a great feel for the truer running community.  The BOLDERBoulder, being such a large 10K event, is really more a giant party with people from all walks of life, and from all over the world.  Again, not a true indicator of the region’s running community.  I also was yearning for an opportunity to run a distance race on my own, simply to see what I can do in a race setting.  This is my shot, and I am extremely excited!

The morning will start with some great Celtic music, in honor, of course, of St. Patrick’s Day weekend.  Around 8:30am kids and families will line up for the fun run, and by 9:00am, the 5/10K will start.  Initially I was just planning on doing the 5K, but if it’s just me running, why not push myself?  The 10K will take 2 laps around Denver’s City Park, and end with pancakes, sausage, and yes, Odell’s Brewery beer!  Who wouldn’t want to drink a delicious brew at 10:00am?

The course for the 5/10K around Denver's City Park.
The course for the 5/10K around Denver’s City Park.

Not only do you get fame and glory for this race, but there should be some good swag.  I love swag in a sad way.  The tech-T was already mailed to my house (which of course I cannot wear until the race is over, bad juju people!).  Beyond that, participants are promised a T-shirt, medal, goody bag, and event pictures.  Not too shabby for a smaller race!

One thing that I am very intrigued about regarding this race is the use of an app called Bibs.  This app is supposed to allow you to check your time directly upon completion of the race, check the course map, and provide family a friends a way to track you on the course.  I am hopeful that this will be a great tool, and will report back on its usability and accuracy post-race.

It looks like the weather will hold out for tomorrow, with partly-cloudy skies and mid-40 degree temperatures.  Regardless, I am prepared for the ensemble.  Yet again, the outfit played a major role in my preparation for the event.  I’ve also requested a snake bite black later in the day.  It is St. Patty’s Day weekend after all, and I am Irish.  Partly.

Yellow, green and grey argyle socks will be my statement piece.  Rocco also approved.
Yellow, green and grey argyle socks will be my statement piece. Rocco also approved.

What are your St. Patty’s Day weekend plans?  Do you like to party like those crazy Celts or stay in and sip green beer?  Any upcoming races that you cannot wait for?  Do you know of any other great running/tracking apps being used in the race community?

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