Weekend Wanderings

This weekend was yet another beautiful weekend in Colorado. The sun was shining, and except for some crazy wind gusts, the weather was perfect. That means everyone is out and about everywhere. Saturday the hubs and I had a relaxed “Spring Cleansing” day. I turned the house over from winter to spring, tidied our outdoor patio, and readied the guest bedroom for my parents’ visit this upcoming weekend. It was all about things that make us happy. For me, it was decorating for the spring season and being outside. For the hubs, it was golf and gin and tonic time. Sunday we were up early, I made a batch of blueberry pancakes (yum!), we completed our weekly trip to Whole Foods, and returned home all before 11am.

Mmmmmm delicious blueberry pancakes!
Mmmmmm delicious blueberry pancakes!

I decided to try a new (or at least new to me) running trail, to break out of my mold. Typically I either run through my neighborhood or along the equestrian trails behind my neighborhood. I kept hearing about the High Line Canal trail that spreads across 71 miles from Littleton almost to Denver International Airport. I read about it on Ramblen (of which I am a new ambassador!  Hooray!!) as I was looking for new places to explore. Little did I realize it is accessible just across the street from my neighborhood! Ironically I had always seen people on this mysterious trail running, walking and biking, but didn’t know where the entry point was. So rather than cross the road, I drove a quick 5 minutes to Castlewood Park, just south in Greenwood Village. I parked there and began my run through a neighborhood called the Preserve. You pass through an expansive greenbelt with trailheads interspersed everywhere, and the houses along this route are phenomenal. If I wasn’t so focused on the stunning mountain views, I probably would have creepily taken pictures of the incredible structures on either side of the trail.

The views along the greenbelt were gorgeous.
The views along the greenbelt were gorgeous.

The canal itself is fairly small, and dried up in portions (we need rain and snowmelt stat!), but the trail was well-groomed and enjoyable. As I got to my first cross-roads in the trail (to go left or right?), I chose right so I could head northwest and see the mountains throughout my run. There are some great vantage points from my running route through my neighborhood, but nothing like what I experienced on the High Line Canal trail. Every turn boasted better views. The trail twists and turns so you experience the entire range. About a mile and half into the run, the trail turns southwest and at that point, Pikes Peak emerges in the distance. That was definitely one of the most fantastic parts.

Just an amazing run and a must-do trail!
Just an amazing run and a must-do trail!  Oh, and the top right corner, that’s Pikes Peak in the distance!

Everyone out and about was in such a great mood. All the people I passed smiled and waved as I passed them on the trail, and bicyclists were kind and move around the runners and walkers. I love the congenial attitude of Coloradans when outdoors on a nice day. It was something I first noticed when living and hiking in Boulder. There is this mutual understanding that this is how life should be, so why not enjoy it and everyone get along?

Run and Done.  Enough said.
Run and Done. Enough said.
Purple rice, where have you been all my life??
Purple rice, where have you been all my life??


I was able to get in a great 10K with an easy 10:20 pace, mostly so I could take lots of pictures.  I was super excited, too, to sport my new running tech-tee, Under Armour Run and Done.  Brilliant. The only down side was that the wind broke my Sea Level is for Sissies visor… time to order another one!

After my run, Robbie and I relaxed the rest of the afternoon, took Rocco on a small walk, and made a delicious dinner of wilted spinach, purple rice (Yes! Purple rice! My favorite color!), and sesame crusted tuna.  Yum! I always love my Sunday Whole Foods run. We finished off the day with some planning for our trip to London and Edinburgh this September. Who’s excited??? This girl! To say it was the perfect weekend would be an understatement. And now I have my parents’ visit to look forward to this coming weekend!

A brief but beautiful walk with Rocco.  Proof I do take my dog outside... sometimes...
A brief but beautiful walk with Rocco. Proof I do take my dog outside… sometimes…

9 thoughts on “Weekend Wanderings

      1. Yes!!! I love history too! The castle is worth a visit. The whole royal mile is cool. There’s a pub called ‘the last drop’ where they took condemned for a last drop of whiskey before giving them the last drop (by hanging) right out front. I have a good friend who lives there if you want me to put you in touch with her. She could give some spots to go.

      2. That would be so incredibly amazing, I can’t even tell you! The hubs and I have been reading up on the Royal Mile and all the good finds there in our Rick Steve’s book (I am a travel guide junkie, what can I say?). If you wouldn’t mind putting me in touch with your friend, my e-mail is rockymtnpearls@gmail.com. Thank you!

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