The Final Countdown – Nike Women’s Half Marathon Weekend


Tomorrow I depart the Mile High city for our Nation’s capital to participate in the Nike Women’s Half Marathon. More importantly, however, I get to see some of my favorite ladies in the world! YAY! This is also the race that provides Tiffany necklaces upon completion, which is obviously an added bonus. And I get to top the weekend off with seeing my family at the finish line and post-race. They’ve never actually seen me run, so this will be a big moment!

Part of what makes me so excited is the chance to run through such a phenomenal part of D.C. Not having been part of the running community there, I wasn’t really able to experience this newfound love in one of the most important and iconic cities in the U.S. I often see my friend Samantha’s photos and sigh, thinking how great it would be to have these sights as a daily reminder of the amazing country in which we live. Being able to so casually pass them whilst jogging along is almost surreal, and simultaneously empowering. This is one element of the weekend that truly has me pumped up and incredibly excited. I foresee a ridiculous amount of photos in my future this weekend. Instagram may give me the boot after overloading their system with selfies and monuments.

The course meanders through some of the best parts of the city!
The course meanders through some of the best parts of the city!

This week was the perfect transition week to get me psyched for Nike. I was able to go on two amazing runs this weekend, 6 miles through my neighborhood on Saturday and another 9 on the Highline Canal trail on Sunday. The weekend had ideal weather, yet again, with just the right amount of sunshine and light breezes. I feel confident with my rhythm, breathing, and pacing, so I really have no worries for Sunday’s race. Besides, with my gal pals by my side, it’ll be a fantastically enjoyable day.

The views were stunning during my run on Sunday.
The views were stunning during my run on Sunday.

The hubs did surprise me with my second annual grown-up Easter egg hunt. Rather than eggs filled with candy, toys or money, he hid mini champagne bottles all around the house. After getting back from my run on the Highline Canal trail, he handed me an Easter basket, set a searching radius, and Rocco and I headed off in search of my bubbly loot. I must give the hubs credit – this year was much more challenging, and with only one clue I found all five bottles! He’s such a sweetie!

Best Easter tradition ever.  Rocco thought so too.
Best Easter tradition ever. Rocco thought so too.

During the week I was able to fit in some great stretching sessions, my weekly Tuesday Zumba class (if you haven’t tried it yet, do it! SO MUCH FUN!), and tonight I will have a short 5K run to round me out for the weekend. But it wouldn’t be a pre-race post from Amy without a wardrobe review! The hubby and I got together with our dear friends in Boulder, Peter and Ade. Peter’s folks live up in Vail and are some truly wonderful people, and Peter’s mom, the kind soul she is, reads this here blog from yours truly. She mentioned to Peter, as he relayed to me, that I am very interested in my running gear and dressing for the occasion. So without further ado, the running ensemble!

Given that this is a race primarily for women (but plenty of men run it too!), the ladies and I thought the outfits needed a bit of… sparkle! In sorority world, this is a given. In my quest to find the perfect group attire, I turned to my all-time favorite clothier of running pizazz, Race Junkie. You may have noticed my stunning Belle tutu for the Disney Princess Half Marathon (How could you not? It was freakishly adorable!). Well Race Junkie also makes awesome T-shirts and tanks! Although I won’t give it all away (there needs to be some suspense people!), her tops just scream fabulous. After ordering tanks for the group, our next decision was color.

Each lady chose a vibrant color because we don’t mind being those obnoxious bright girls. Samantha will be donning purple, Justine is in green, Christine picked blue, and I will be wearing what I like to think of as my lucky yellow race capris. I have worn these Under Armour capris for the Disney Princess Half as well as the Lucky Laces 10K, so let’s round it out with third time’s the charm. Afterwards I may need to retire them for the race scene as that is all people will think I own, but they are possibly my favorite pair of running capris – they’re heavenly soft, don’t chaff, and stay put. Really those are my main considerations when finding the ideal running bottoms.

We topped off our outfits with Sparkly Soul headbands, again in an assortment of colors. With this being our very first race all together (and hopefully not our last), it deserves to be an occasion worth dressing for. I simply cannot wait to share in this amazing adventure, and cross that finish line together. To be sure, no matter the distance, best friends are worth holding on to – and running with, for that matter! See you all on the other side of the finish line!

We are always classy and colorful - whether running or schmoozing.
We are always classy and colorful – whether running or schmoozing.

Are you a race ensemble planner (they do say never to try anything new race day!) or do you just throw something together day of?  Do you run with friends or family, or enjoy the open road solo?  What inspires you when you run?  Anything fun planned for the weekend?

6 thoughts on “The Final Countdown – Nike Women’s Half Marathon Weekend

  1. Ohhh! The Tiffany finisher’s necklace! I want to do one of these races just for that. I do plan my outfits prior to race day, nothing fancy or frilly though, just colour coordinated and tested for the distance (made a mistake once with a pair of shorts that weren’t tested for 21km). I always run with Kobi and sometimes with another friend and her dog too.

  2. AHHH!!! I pick you up at the airport in 5.5 hours!!! It’s the final Countdown!! (Whyi is it that I can only think of Arrest Development when I hear this song?)

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