Jackson Hole & Workin’ for the Weekend

Yesterday I was planning on sitting down to write a nice Friday favorites post about my upcoming trips, both work and pleasure, Ms. BakeNBurn’s visit, my all-time fav the BolderBOULDER, and all other sorts of Friday goodness. My plan was quickly halted when I learned I would be taking my first student as an academic advisor. I know that doesn’t sound scary or intimidating, but having to learn programs for five different schools and colleges, resources across the entire campus, and make sure to cover everything a brand new student needs to know caused a moment of panic.

I work in an academic advising office at CU Denver, but as a project specialist, much more behind the scenes. Every day is a little bit different, and I love that about my job. I’ve been in the process of trying to incorporate advising into my job duties to help the team, but had only shadowed appointments to this point. When my coworker called out, it was game time. Rule number 76: No excuses, play like a champion.

You may appreciate this compilation of amazing rules.

It was so much fun meeting with a great student and his family, and finally putting the months of preparation into practice. The excitement of the week was not over there, however. This morning I rose before the sun and, well, went back to work! Today was our spring commencement ceremony. I love graduations – the excitement, the pride, the accomplishments! It makes my giddy little Higher Ed heart sing.

With all our graduates graduated, I can now focus on the week ahead: Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and Samantha and Michael’s visit for the BolderBOULDER! On Monday I head out to Jackson Hole, Wyoming with 2 fellow coworkers for a regional conference. I’m so thrilled for this adventure. We’re getting in a day early due to timing conflicts, but that means we’ll have time to hike in Yellowstone and Grand Teton! One of my coworkers is also an avid hiker and mountain climber, so he’s going to lead the way. While I’ve been to Yellowstone before, it’s been nearly 11 years, and we didn’t do much hiking at the time.

I return home Thursday, which is coincidentally the day Samantha and her hubby arrive for five days! We’ve obviously planned the whole weekend, being the Type A’s we are, to include a trek up Pikes Peak, a hike in the front range foothills, golf for the boys and pool time for us, a little retail therapy, and of course the BolderBOULDER on Memorial Day! This next week and a half is bound to be pretty fantastic and a whirlwind of fun!

Ill check in later, hopefully with great adventures to share!

What adventures do you have coming up? Are you as in love with your job as I am? Do you just love graduation ceremonies, or find them a dead bore like my hubs? 😉 Have you hiked in the Grand Tetons or Yellowstone – recommendations?

Congrats CU Denver graduates!

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