Fridays are Meant for Favorites

Oh happy day, it’s Friday Favorites!  Which in essence means it’s Friday, and therefore implies it is practically the weekend!  So let’s talk favorites.

  1.  Sparkly Soul Headbands

I discovered Sparkly Soul headbands while working my way through the enormity that is the Run Disney Expo.  I found their booth, and immediately saw two things that grabbed my attention: headbands and sparkles.  Long ago I admitted my love for headbands and my saddening realization that they would not be a staple in my wardrobe in Colorado.  These running headbands are awesome – they don’t slip and slide, they don’t cause headaches, and they add a little je ne sais quoi!  I have worn them during multiple races and cannot get enough.  I ordered their red, white and blue stars version for the Liberty Run 4 Miler on the 4th of July!  Now through the 4th you can receive 25% off any headband with the words Red, White and/or Blue in the description with coupon code “USA”.  Enjoy!

My "crowning" glory, if you will, for the Liberty Run 4-Miler!
My “crowning” glory, if you will, for the Liberty Run 4-Miler! Source
  1. StrideBox!

My friend and fellow blogger, the Bake N’ Burn Bombshell, introduced me to the concept in April and I received my first box this month!  If you’ve seen ads for the BarkBox, a monthly box of goodies for dogs, this is essentially the same thing for runners!  Brilliant!  For about $15 a month, it introduces you to new products, allows you to explore different accessories and companies, and helps you find other options for fuel, apparel, training sessions and workouts.  This month’s box came with a number of great goodies, including a chocolate peanut butter PureFit bar (which I ate before LACYFit yesterday), Muscle Milk Energy Chews (which I plan to try this weekend on my long run), Water Sensations water infusions, and Paper Shower body wipes (I think these will be awesome to save for post-Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon!).  Each month provides something different, and so far, I am pumped and can’t wait for July’s delivery!

Loving my monthly delivery of StrideBox goodies!
Loving my monthly delivery of StrideBox goodies!
  1. Chap Ice Revo

I admit, I am super late to the chapstick sphere club, but after getting a free Chap Ice Revo ball from CU Denver, I am obsessed!  This minty, moisturizing ball of awesome is constantly in my purse and is so refreshing.  Let’s be honest, the sphere is just too fun.  I will branch out to eos soon, but I am also a plane old chaptstick kind of girl sometimes.  It’s hard to go wrong.

I have the mint version, which is so refreshing and tingly on my lips!
I have the mint version, which is so refreshing and tingly on my lips!
  1. Benefit Chacha Tint

I am one of those women who wears “race makeup.”  I protect my face with SPF BB Cream, throw on some waterproof mascara, obviously apply some handy Chap Ice Revo, and finish with Benefit Chacha Cheek Tint.  This tint can be used for both lips and cheeks (I just use it for cheeks), and it the absolute perfect sunny glow.  I started wearing it on a daily basis, and not only does it last, but it looks so natural.  I was not blessed with a natural flush, so I have always relied on blushes.  This blush is by far my favorite.  Especially once I get to my full summer tan, it still pops, but in a subtle, natural, just back-from-the-beach kind of way.

I may need to invest in the chacha balm too!
I may need to invest in the chacha balm too!
  1.  Laura Mercier Foundation Primer Radiance Bronze

I’ve been on a new makeup trying kick of late, and am all about samples to find new products to purchase (who doesn’t love the Sephora samples?).  I discovered this product in this very way, and now have no idea what I did before it.  This makeup primer does double duty: it keeps your makeup in place and lasting from day to night, and it also provides a touch of bronzey glow to amp up your summertime look.  What more could you ask for?  I have been attempting a looks-like-less is more routine, starting with this primer, applying some SPF CC cream, then the Benefit Chacha Tint, along with summery eyeshadow and some plumping mascara.  Beachy and casual, but still polished.

Amazing addition to my daily makeup routine!
Amazing addition to my daily makeup routine!

I hope you enjoy these favorites and give some of them a try (if you haven’t already!).  This weekend I am due for a long run with the hubby, a delectable anniversary dinner at Flagstaff House in Boulder (the best views in town!), and some serious pool time.  Have a great weekend everyone!

Have you tried any of these products or companies – what did you think?  Any fun plans for the weekend?  Please tell me I am not the only one with raceday makeup routines, right?


7 thoughts on “Fridays are Meant for Favorites

    1. I am so glad I am not the only one!! I feel so behind on this lip therapy trend. But yes, the headbands are a must. I just received my red, white and blue stars headband last night and it is adorbs!

    1. It’s SO worth it – I should be getting my next box this week. Some of the items I know about but may not have tried otherwise, and it’s not a huge commitment either. Aren’t the headbands fab?? I have 4 now and am already thinking about which color to get next!

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