The Happiness Factor: Friday Favorites Edition

Friday is here again – hooray!  This summer has simultaneously flown by and dragged on… not really sure how that works, but there you have it.  The fall semester started this week and work has been a bit of a chaotic, excited, anxious blur.  Thankfully things have calmed down slightly on campus, but will probably pick right back up come Monday.  For now, let’s appreciate Friday and look forward to the weekend!

I find it is sometimes best to focus on favorites as a means of happiness.  I saw an infographic this week that broke down the elements of happiness into 15 categories, most of which is genetic (I tend to think I am a happy person at heart, so I believe that to be true), but thoughts, actions and beliefs are three other key pieces to happiness.  If we think about things that make us happy, and tend towards positive beliefs and actions, we are more apt to be happy people.  Therefore, Friday favorites are a piece of the happiness puzzle – hooray!

Let’s jump right in to the Friday Favorites lineup!

  1. Traveling – of course I am focused on travel given I leave for the UK in a matter of eight days!! Not that I am counting.  The hubs and I will be taking our first trip together across the pond, and for my hubby, his first truly international trip.  He’s been to Canada and Turks and Caicos, but that is it.  I was lucky enough to be born abroad, so did most of my life’s traveling by the time I was four.  In college I studied abroad in London, England and Sydney, Australia (I was an English major, so naturally I went where they speak English!), and have been dying to go back to both since.  Six years after studying in London, I am finding my way back, this time with the hubs in tow.  We were dating when I was last there, but all I could think was how much he would love it.  We plan to travel to Oxford, Canterbury and Bath during our stay in London, and end our trip in Edinburgh, Scotland.  I am half Scottish, and my hubby is a quarter, so it’s about time we go see the land of our heritage.  I am a wee bit excited (catch my sarcasm?), and will begin packing this weekend.  One more week… I can make it.
  2. Six years later, I am finally returning to one of my favorite cities in the world!
    Six years later, I am finally returning to one of my favorite cities in the world!  I can’t believe my hair was once that short and blonde…
  3. FREE RACES – yup, that’s right.   About a month and half ago my friend and local sorority sister contacted me about participating in the
    I do love some good race swag after all!  And champagne.
    I do love some good race swag after all! And champagne. Source

    Esprit de She 10K on August 28th.  At first I thought, “Hmm, a race on a Thursday night?  Not too sure about that…” And then she intimated that I could participate for free.  Furthermore, it’s a race designed for women, and at the finish line is champagne (HELLO!) at their Bubbly Bar, hair braiding and mini manis (awesome), post-race tapas (you had me at champagne), and a FABULOUS Athleta tech tank.  Did I mention that Athleta is one of the major sponsors?  Did I also mention that my friend formerly worked for Athleta and that’s how I got to sign up for free?  I also figured, besides all of the incredible goodies, this would be great practice for running an evening/night race before the Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon in November.  So yay for free!

  4. Colorado Mountains – during this past month I have spoiled with myself with adventures in the Colorado Rockies. We took some of our east
    How cool is it that I get to live here?
    How cool is it that I get to live here?

    coast friends up to Vail at the beginning of the month, and then partook in Yoga on the Rocks and hiking around Red Rocks last weekend.  After moving from Boulder, I find it harder to take the time to explore the amazing landscape of our state.  I am hoping to fit in another hike this weekend, potentially near Golden.  Although Denver is a great city to visit, the foothills and mountains that flank its west side are the real tourist attraction, in my opinion.

  5. Tea – completely unoriginal, but there you have it. With my trip coming up I have been drinking so much tea recently.  I am a huge fan of Harney & Sons Paris Tea, but have recently converted to their delicious Earl Grey Supreme.  As much as I don’t want summer to end, I am conflicted in that I am craving cooler days, autumn sunshine, changing leaves and enjoying a beautiful pot of warm tea (with milk, because that’s how I roll).  I may have an entire cabinet entirely dedicated to tea… and 8 teapots of varying sizes and styles.  I may also have planned at least 3 teas during our trip, with a potential for 3 more…  Fortnum and Mason, anyone?

    Thank you Buzzfeed, I am okay with this.  Source
  6. Outlander – although I have significantly reduced my television watching, there are some shows I make time for. One of my new favorites is
    I recommend this series - it will suck you in!
    I recommend this series – it will suck you in!  Source

    Outlander.  In college, a dear friend and roommate recommended the Outlander series, and I read the first two voraciously.  I haven’t picked up the others since, and now really want to re-read the first all over again.  Starz just introduced a new series based upon Diana Gabaldon’s books, and timing couldn’t be more perfect.  Set outside of Inverness, Scotland, it has me daydreaming of my impending adventures.  I really recommend the books and the show!

So here’s to happiness and the things in life that make us smile.  Have a happy, healthy and fabulous Friday everyone.  Go out and enjoy some of your favorite things.  It just might make your day that much happier!

What favorites are making you happy these days?  Any fun plans for the weekend?  Anyone have other London/Edinburgh recommendations?

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