Happy New Year To My Gram

Like most of the blogosphere, I had intended to write the typical New Year’s resolution (or in my case, goals) post, but this new year began rather abruptly.  Early Friday morning my grandmother passed away.  She lived to be nearly 93, and made it just past the beginning of 2015.  Her life was blessed with adventure, love, family, and a long list of memories and meaningful accomplishments.  She met the love of her life in World War II when they were stationed in the United Kingdom, married, had two children, my aunt and my father, and got to see much of the world before she was 35 thanks to the army.  I must admit, if she and I could compete together in a triathlon, she’d dominate the swimming portion and I would eek by in the running – she was always a fish, and swam for most of her life.  Growing up I made the trek up from Texas to Maryland (by car… oh my) every summer with my family to visit both sets of grandparents.  Gram, as all her grandkids called her, could always be found in the pool, with lemonade for the kiddos nearby, and we spent long summer days frolicking through the woods surrounding her home.  We probably caused her many moments of havoc, but she could always be found with a smile on her face and hugs for everyone. My sister and I were her only granddaughters, so we had a special relationship with my Gram.  She found ways to make us smile, even when I was being a total brat (oh and boy was I).

My beautiful Gram on my wedding day in June 2011. She was always smiling her gorgeous smile, and now she is smiling on all of us.

It amazes me everything the Greatest generation lived through and saw.  The incredible amount of change they experienced is truly phenomenal.  The fact that war brought her and my grandfather together, and that she lived to see the first manned space flight, introduction of television, much less the internet and cellular phones.  It makes you take a step back and realize what’s most important in this crazy, diverse, and rushed world we live in.  So to my Gram, thank you for the memories, the stories, and the endless summer days.

I am happy knowing that my Gram can finally be at rest after many years of deteriorating health, and will now be reunited with my Granddad.  She surpassed him by 14 years, and I am just grateful for the extra time we were able to have with her.  May this new year be blessed with joys, incredible moments worth cherishing, and if there be hard times, may they be times we overcome together.  Here’s to a beautiful and blessed 2015!

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year To My Gram

  1. Betsy

    So sorry your year begins with a loss, but what a lovely tribute to someone who sounds like a lovely person. You were a fortunate grandchild.

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