Friday Favorites: Dry Winter Blues Edition

Living in Colorado definitely comes with its benefits.  It is, after all, a place some folks dream of living.  It’s nice to be outside in every season (I won’t go as far as to say everyday), and there’s something to do in every season (that, I think, is a little more rare).  Between hiking, biking, running, rock climbing, summiting 14ers, camping, skiing, snowshoeing, and everything else in between, it’s an outdoor enthusiast’s dream!  The lack of bugs and humidity also tend to make it more bearable, and having over 300 sunny days a year is simply ideal.

The dryness and altitude, however, wreak havoc on this former east coaster’s skin!  My hair, for the most part and with regular deep conditioning, loves it, as do my hairstyles.  But my skin I think actually revolts against this arid climate.  So I thought this Friday I would share some of my favorite remedies and products to keep my skin soft, moisturized, and hopefully, glowing all year long.

1.  Arbonne Liquid Foundation Broad Spectrum with SPF 15 Suncreen: I am one of those people who wears makeup every day, and most definitely facial sunscreen. It’s not that I don’t like my skin or appearance, but the preppster, always ready for a photo-shoot face persona has never worn off.  So I have been loving my new makeup routine recently with my liquid foundation from Arbonne.  I use this product in buff and it blends perfectly, evens my skin, and feels so soft on.  I put additional facial sunscreen on first, but even having an additional amount of SPF makes me feel better about all these sunny days.

This stuff blends and evens like a dream.

2.  The Secret of the Himalayan Body Butter: Did I mention Colorado is a dry, dry place? I always used lotion before moving here, but now I cannot live without it.  Before moving, my brother got me this body lotion and sugar scrub set as part of a Christmas gift.  I am now hooked and cannot live without it.  Unlike most body butter, it’s light and not greasy, but it’s effective!  This body butter is especially good for elbows, knees and heels, where the skin gets the driest.

Smoothy smooth skin!
Smoothy smooth skin!

3.  The Righteous (Body) Butter: Speaking of body butter, this one is intense. Whenever it’s an especially dry day, and particularly after I have used either a sea salt or sugar scrub, this is my go to for re-hydrating.  It smells fabulous and kicks butt when it comes to moisture.

Pile on the moisture. This one packs a punch.
Pile on the moisture. This one packs a punch.

4.  Lush Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub: It’s necessary to slough off the dry, dull skin during these harsh winter months to keep skin glowing and soft. When I discovered this amazing sea salt scrub living in Boulder, I never looked back.  It’s just the right amount of scrub which dissolves without a weird residue, and it smells like a tropical drink in the middle of winter – it does feature lime, coconut, grapefruit and sea salt, after all.  It’s great for face and body, and I cannot get enough of it!

From dry and dull to glowing and glamorous!
From dry and dull to glowing and glamorous!

5.  Crabtree & Evelyn Ultra-Moisturizing Hand Therapy: My poor hands. I don’t think I can ever keep them moisturized enough.  I am very particular about hand lotion.  I want it to smell good, but actually be effective during these dry days.  Most lotions seem to fade quickly and I feel like I need to reapply constantly.  Thank goodness for Crabtree & Evelyn.  Sadly they just closed the only store front in Colorado, but I have found them sold at various spas and retailers, and where would we be without online shopping?  Their lotion in the Gardeners scent is ideal.  It’s herby and not overpowering, but pleasant and calming.  J ’adore.

Delightful scent, powerful hand therapy. Source
Delightful scent, powerful hand therapy. Source

These are some of my favorite moisturizing winter-time products, and when it comes to Colorado winters, it’s all about skin protection!

What are some of your favorite, or most effective moisturizing products?  Do you have the same dry-skin winter problems? Any other remedies work for you!

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