The Challenge Balance

What is it about a good challenge that makes you work hard, have fun, and become insanely competitive with yourself?  All I know is that I love challenges.  It seems silly, but they actually can be really motivating.  I think some of it has to do with my personality type: I love deadlines, timelines and benchmarks.  When I can see myself making progress along the way, it makes the whole process even better.

So this month marked two fun opportunities for me, and potentially a whole lot of other people.  Just a week after joining Core Power Yoga (oh yeah, I am obsessed), the Denver metro area

So much satisfaction each time I get a new punch on my punch card!
So much satisfaction each time I get a new punch on my punch card!

studios (and potentially others, I am not sure) began a 30/40 Challenge.  The goal is to complete 30 classes in 40 days, beginning on Monday, April 13th.  It’s 17 days in with 23 days to go, and I already have twelve classes completed, with another one scheduled for tomorrow night (I work late tonight, alas)!  I really am hooked. I think I figured out how I can finagle 30 classes in exactly 40 days, too, if all goes according to plan.  I will be flying out to the DC area on May 21st, with the challenge ending the 22nd, and I am actually planning to attend a class in Georgetown on the 23rd to celebrate!

So far I have primarily focused on Core Power 2 hot yoga, which has been good for form and stretching, while simultaneously strengthening, as well as Yoga Sculpt, which has been addicting and amazing for my muscle tone and standard daily circuit training.  I would like to try a hot power fusion or 75 minute hot yoga class for the relaxation and form benefits, but haven’t yet committed to one.  Soon, I am sure, and definitely during the challenge.

Can't wait to visit CPY in Georgetown!
Can’t wait to visit CPY in Georgetown!

The initial struggle, and probably the reason for not branching out more, is finding the perfect class schedule – I prefer evening classes as I have to be at work at 8am with a 40 minute commute, so morning classes are tough.  I found a 5:30pm sculpt class every day at the Broadway studio, which I love.  Saturday and Sunday mornings I can go to a 7:30am sculpt class in Cherry Hills Village and be done with my main workout early enough to start my day.  Thursdays I meet my girlfriend, Danielle, at the Highlands studio for an incredible CP2 class with Lance, who is phenomenal.  It just works, and having the benefit of so many locations to choose from, there’s always something available.  If you’re doing the 30/40 challenge, I think some of the benefit is actually finding what works, what style you prefer, testing out different instructors, and re-energizing and reconnecting with yourself.

The other challenge I have committed to, which also began April 13th, is the Tone it Up Eight Week Bikini Series.  I am new to the Tone it Up (TIU)

These ladies are too fabulous for words!
These ladies are too fabulous for words! Source

team, but I am instantly hooked.  It’s basically this nation-wide phenomenon following the empowering and invigorating practices of fitness gurus Karena and Katrina.  I know, it’s almost too perfect that their names are practically the same.  These two women have created a healthy, energizing, fitness-friendly culture with their Beach Babe DVDs, incredibly thorough nutrition plans, infectious positive attitudes, and the idea that now is the time to be as healthy as you can be.  Health isn’t just looking great, it’s eating well without deprivation, working out in order to tone and build muscle, and enjoying the body you have.  These women are beautiful, inside and out, and they have truly inspired me in more ways than one.

The Hiitty Bitty Bikini workout is no joke!

This is the fifth Bikini Series challenge, if I am not mistaken, and it can be whatever you make it. With the Bikini Series bundle, you receive the Beach Babe 3 DVD (ah-mazing), digital downloads, downloadable nutrition plan (with downloadable updates), some fun little goodies (TIU socks, chapsticks, key chain and Perfect Fit protein powder), and weekly schedules, challenges, and workouts.  My friend Amy Lacy, previously mentioned from her incredible Lacy Fit classes last summer (she’s about to have a little baby boy, so we may have to put the classes on hold this summer), introduced these women to me.  Little did I realize that my girlfriends from back in DC were also participating in the challenge.  It’s given me the boost I need to feel inspired and motivated, and it’s surrounded me with an incredible group of women striving for the healthiest version of themselves.

These workouts kick booty in the best way possible!
These workouts kick booty in the best way possible!
I am definitely feeling toned and fierce!
I am definitely feeling toned and fierce!

Although I haven’t followed the weekly schedules religiously, I have incorporated the routines from Beach Babe 2 and 3 into my weekly workouts, utilized some of the recipes, poured over the details of the nutrition plan (it’s like the food and nutrition Bible for women!!), and feel all the more healthy for it!  I know it’s a gradual transformation, which really makes sense why it is 8 weeks in duration, but the hubs can already tell I look more toned and feel better.  He even commented on my abs yesterday – I have abs!  And rather than focus on weight loss, I am focusing on muscle tone, tightening my core, and developing a healthier, more sustainable foundation for the future.  I still have occasional splurge, I mean, I love my husband’s cocktails on a Friday night, but it’s really about the bigger picture.  So with these eight weeks (only 6 to go!) I am focusing on me and lifestyle, long-term improvements.

Through TIU, I also came to meet a number of other amazing ladies in the Denver metro area also participating in the program.  This past weekend we went on a hike on Green Mountain in Lakewood, on a perfect morning, and shared our experiences, highs and lows, and insight about the Bikini Series.  It’s such a great opportunity to find folks who can share in and appreciate your journey.  Regardless of the reasons why we are participating, we’re in it together!

The Denver area TIU ladies and their puppies!
The Denver area TIU ladies and their puppies!

So I suppose I am where these two challenges meet, and I love the results and how the workouts and lifestyles balance and complement one another.  I am determined this bikini season to feel my absolute best.  The hubs and I do have a birthday trip to Napa planned, so I want to look and feel great, and carry this new me proudly into the future!

Who else is totally hooked by Tone It Up?  Aren’t Karena and Katrina the cutest things ever?  Don’t you just love when your hubby notices when you’re looking better?

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